The drive for low-cost miniaturization has evolved into a broad range of wafer-level packaging options that deliver performance and price advantages to emerging technologies. Coresix combines its expertise in several areas including edging, lapping, polishing, critical cleaning and inspection to offer the most advanced glass wafer products available in the market today.

Coresix Wafer Capabilities

Capabilities depend on material and substrate size. Actual capabilities for specific wafer available upon request.

Attribute Measurements
Diameter 25mm - 450mm
Thickness 50μm – 10mm
Dimensional Tolerance +/- 25μm
Thickness Tolerance +/- 5μm
Thickness Variation (TTV)            < 2μm
Flatness   1/10 Wave/Inch
Surface Roughness (RMS) <2Ǻ
Scratch and Dig  5/2
Particle Size <5μm
Bow/Warp <10μm

The following describes the versatility within several of our key processes. For full details on the process, click on the key word…

Wafer Fabrication Process

Shape Cut
Thin sheets are scribed, thick sheets are water jetted and blocks are wire sawn to begin the process with a wafer “blank”.

CNC Edge
Each wafer is individually edged on a Precision CNC Edge Grinding Station.

As required, wafers are lapped to precise thickness or flatness.

Double-side Commercial Polish removes subsurface damage and Super Polish creates a pristine finish.

We combine ultrasonics and megasonics on multiple cleaning lines which feed directly into a Class 100 Clean Room.

In our Class 100 Optical Clean Room, we inspect to various quality levels under the appropriate lighting conditions.

All wafers are packed in pre-cleaned containers, double bagged and vacuum sealed within the Class 100 Clean Room.


SEMI Notch 1






Wafer Specifications

Coresix produces wafers to all SEMI Standards including dimensional, flat and notch specifications. In addition, we offer custom specifications designed to your unique needs including, alignment marks, holes, pockets, edge profile, thickness, flatness, surface quality, cleanliness or any other details critical to your application. We also offer these wafers in a broad array of materials including Borosilicate, Aluminosilicate, Fused Silica (instead of quartz), Quartz and Soda Lime.