Display Glass inspection



Coresix maintains a variety of equipment and processes which are capable of fabricating glass from and to a wide range of thicknesses. Though we have limitations within certain processes, the versatility of our equipment allows us to be creative in meeting extreme specifications. The chart below provides a general guideline for some standard operations.


The glass materials with which we work most often have a wide variety of thickness tolerance (+/-) and total thickness variation (TTV) or parallelism which can be discussed upon request. Coresix can generally improve upon these characteristics through a lapping and polishing process. Though we are capable of tolerances to +/- 10μm, TTV of within a part to 2μm, and TTV from part to part of <5μm, actual capabilities will vary and should be established per part requirements.

Process MInimum Maximum
Scribe & Break .050mm 12.0mm
Water Jet .400mm 50.0mm
Wire Saw 200.0mm .560mm
CNC Edge .400mm 25.0mm
Lap & Polish .350mm 100.0mm

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