Willow Glass

A major advantage of Willow Glass is the large formats enabled by the manufacturing process.  Coresix can provide sheets up to 1000mm in width and 3000mm in length.  As an alternative to expensive lapping and polishing, Coresix can provide thin Willow Glass in diameter formats with SEMI Standard orientation flats. For coating and other cleanliness critical applications, Coresix can offer ultrasonic cleaning of sheets up to 500mm diagonal.

Dimensional Specifications

Specification Minimum Maximum Tolerance
Thickness 100μm 200μm +/- 10%
Length 10mm 3000mm +/- 0.20mm
Width 10mm 1000mm +/- 0.20mm
Diameter 25mm 450mm +/- 0.20mm
Corner Radius 2mm Open +/- 0.2mm

Importance of Orientation

If your intended application for Willow Glass involves bending of the substrate, it is essential to understand Compression vs. Tension and orient your part accordingly.  

Though Coresix has established and regularly tests our scribe process to maximize edge quality and resulting strength, bending the glass toward the scribe side, thereby compressing” the micro-fractures created by the scribe, will result in the strongest condition.

Coresix identifies the compres-sion side as part of our stan-dard packaging procedure.

Willow Glass Cleaning

Standard Cleanliness

Willow Glass is produced in a continuous strip and rolled onto a spool at the production line.  Coresix maintains this pristine condition through strictly controlled handling and processing.  For best cost efficiency, we pack most produce directly from the cutting line.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

For cleanliness critical applications, Coresix has the capability of ultrasonically cleaning Willow Glass as thin as 100μm and as large as 500mm diagonal


Willow Glass Packaging

Small Format

For sizes up to 500mm Square, parts are “stacked” with Tyvek paper interleaf, shrink wrapped and placed in a cardboard box with protective liner.

Large Format

Sizes exceeding 500mm are “stacked” with Tyvek paper interleaf in a custom sized wood crate with protective liner.

Cleanliness Critical

Cleanliness Critical – For applications requiring minimize-tion of particulate, parts are packed using additional plastic sheet liner to reduce in-transit contamination.


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