Glass Component Packaging

At Coresix, producing the highest quality glass components in the world is only part of the equation. Assuring the integrity of the product to the customer’s door is an area of expertise unto itself. From particle free windows and wafers to large format, high volume sheet glass, Coresix has the experience and expertise to protect your investment through a variety of packaging solutions. Following is a general guideline of some available packaging options:

Contact Packaging

  • Box/Tissue Wrap
    Generally used for smaller parts, tissue wrapping is an economical option for maintaining fairly high surface qualities with minimal introduction of particulate.
  • Box/Paper Interleaf
    For bulk shipment of mid-size sheet glass, where surface quality and cleanliness are of minimal concern, a cardboard box with paper interleaf is cost effective solution.

  • Crate/Paper Interleaf
    Similar to Box/Paper Interleaf, a crate adds additional support for larger profile sheet glass and/or bulk shipments.

  • Nitto Tape
    A protective tape applied through static adhesion to the glass surface protects the part during general handling and shipping. This is an effective means of protecting the surface through subsequent processing while maintaining moderate cleanliness level.

  • Shrink Wrap
    A protective cellophane wrapping prevents introduction of heavy particulate during shipment. Shrink wrapping can be performed with either tissue or paper interleaf.


glass packaging

Non-Contact Packaging

  • Standard Containers
    From producers like Entegris and ePAK, these containers are a proven means of shipping high quality wafers and reticles while maintaining cleanliness and cosmetic integrity.

  • Custom Trays
    Primarily for smaller, custom size parts in significant volumes, vacuum formed trays can be designed from a number of materials for maximum protection and cleanliness during shipping and storage.

  • Corner Protectors
    Designed by Coresix, these High Impact Polystyrene Corner Protectors are clean room compatible and flexible in size for a non-contact alternative to shipping high quality sheet glass.

  • Coroplast Wraps
    Our own design incorporating plastic slots adhered to choroplast sheets, this is an effective alternative when non-contact packaging is required at low volume.

alternate glass packaging


General Packaging Guide

Type Substrate Size          
Standards Min. Max. Cleanliness Shape Class 100
CompatibleCost Effectiveness
Low Vol. High Vol.
Box/Tissue Flexible 20mm 150mm Fair Any No Good Good
Box/Paper Flexible 50mm 300mm Poor Rectangle No Excellent Excellent
Crate/Paper Flexible 200mm 1200mm Poor Rectangle No Good Good
Nitto Tape Flexible 20mm 400mm Fair Rectangle Yes Fair Good
Shrink Wrap Flexible 50mm 400mm Fair Any No Excellent Excellent
Standard Containers Standards 25mm 300mm Excellent Diameter Yes Fair Fair
Custom Tray Flexible 10mm 400mm Excellent Any Yes Poor Good
Corner Protectors Flexible 300mm 650mm Good Rectangle Yes Fair Good
Choroplast Wrap Flexible 30mm 300mm Good Rectangle Yes Fair Fair

*Note – Actual size limits, cleanliness and costs will vary with circumstances and can be reviewed by application for best options.