Screen Printing

Coresix has a long history of screen printing on glass which began (as former company) in the early ‘80’s with art work applications on copier platens. We have since adapted this technology to the application b-stage epoxies, fritted bus bars and cosmetic display borders. From screen design to finished product, Coresix can accommodate any size of screen print project.

Optical Assembly

With extensive experience in the subassembly of optical components, Coresix can offer value added services to our glass fabrication including assembly and glass bonding. We maintain the tools necessary for successful optical assembly including clean room environments, precision CNC dispensing of adhesives, and design engineers experienced in optical alignment.

Chemical Strengthening

Coresix performs chemical strengthening by inducing an exchange between the larger Potassium ions of the chemical bath and the smaller Sodium ions of the glass. The resulting compacted surface stress greatly increases the strength of the glass without optical distortion. In addition to the traditional methods of verifying the post strengthening results, including drop-ball and compression testing, Coresix has a unique, non-destructive means of measuring the surface stress and ion exchange depth of the process. We can correlate this test with any required standard, providing the customer with real data to quantify the strengthening results.