Today’s advanced technologies in display, imaging, sensors, and biotech require precision windows and cover glass of the highest quality and cleanliness. 

Dimensional Capabilities

Most dimensions are limits under optimal conditions and are subject evaluation upon inquiry.

Specification Minimum Maximum Tolerance
Thickness 0.050mm 10.0mm +/- 5µm
Length & Width (No Edge) 5.0mm x 5.0mm No Max +/- 50µm
Length & Width (Hand Seam) 12mm x 12mm No Max +/- 50µm
Length & Width (CNC Edge) 35mm x 35mm No Max +/- 25µm
Diameter (No Edge) 6.0mm No Max +/- 100µm
Diameter (CNC Edge) 25.0mm 450.0mm +/- 50µm

For more information on General Capabilities, see also edging, lapping & polishing.


Cleaning and Inspection

Though exact capabilities will depend on the combined thickness, size and shape of the part, our ultrasonic wash systems are capable of processing very small windows. This system feeds directly into a class 100 clean room where each part can be inspected under a variety of lighting conditions to meet individual requirements.

For more information on General Capabilities, see also cleanliness and inspection.



Once a window has been produced to the desired surface quality and cleaned to the required level, it is important to maintain this condition from our facility to yours. For volume production, Coresix is experienced in designing effective and cost efficient vacuum formed shipping trays. These trays serve to minimize movement and contact during shipment, thereby reducing transit related defects and the generation of particulate.

For more information on General Capabilities, see also packaging.

Pair of gloved hands cleaning and inspecting a window