Custom Precision Glass

For custom shapes and unique glass products, the operations at Coresix Precision Glass are well suited. Our equipment is versatile and our engineers creative when it comes to producing non-standard glass components.
Following describes the versatility within several of our key processes. For full details on the process, click on the key word…

To start the process, Coresix is not limited to the standard scribe and break operation. Though we are capable of precision shape cutting, when this is not possible, we have the option of CNC Water Jetting. Either method, when combined with CNC Milling, can be used to achieve a wide range of geometries.

CNC Milling
Our machines are fully programmable on four axis and are accurate in most cases to within 25 – 50 microns. With the capability of multiple tool changes within a single cycle, placement of notches, flats, holes, cavities and other features can be made with extreme accuracy. For additional flexibility, we can design grinding tools for custom profiles and fixturing for truly unique features.

Lapping and Polishing
In addition to our ability to meet the most demanding flatness, thickness and surface qualities through lapping and polishing, we offer the ability to process a variety of shapes and sizes. We reduce the lead time on these non-standard sizes by manufacturing all of the necessary tooling in-house.

Our Process Design Group is our most valuable asset in the production of custom glass components. Combining our standard equipment with custom fixtures and tooling, they are able to develop a robust process for the production of most custom glass products.