Coresix Precision Glass has formed strong relations with many of the top glass suppliers in the industry. We can provide access to nearly any glass material in any format. We can also provide assistance in identifying the best substrate for your application. The following are approved suppliers.

Commonly Stocked Materials

Eagle XG - Fusion drawn alumino silicate                           • Fused Silica 7980 - High purity synthetic amorphous dioxide                              • D263 - Down drawn borosilicate

BK7 - High purity, low alkali pressed glass                         •  Borofloat 33 - High quality borosilicate float glass                                                 • HR97 - Front surface mirror 

Optiwhite - Ultra clear, low iron soda lime                          • Soda Lime - Versatile, cost-effective float glass                                                       • B270 - Up drawn crown glass

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